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How to live happily with your dog.

We have written some interesting articles on lifestyle with dogs and living peacefully with dogs. Tips for dog care, how-to guides and some advice on going out and about with your four-legged friend.

Roxy and Me, Our Story, by Julie Collier

The stupidly large sum of money we paid for her gave us 18 months of


I’ll get my coat…and the dog’s coat!

If you have noticed a change in the behaviour of your beloved pooch lately with

A Winter dog’s tale, dogs in cold weather

Brrr….It’s cold outside..You don’t feel like going out there in this weather, it’s damp and

How to choose the perfect dog bed

It's easy to see that it's a little confusing when buying your dog his dream

Anti anxiety and calming blankets for dogs

Our faux fur and wool sofa throws are so luxurious that you will be fighting

Dogs at work – Paw or against?

There has been some research in the past about dogs at work. Surprisingly the general