Plush dog toys

Various sizes and various types of animals with internal squeakers

Dogs love plush animal toys, it's instinctive for dogs to hunt small animals and the cuddly toy, simulates this desire. The dogs will chase, retrieve the toy if thrown or give the toy the 'death shake' as part of their play. They will eventually find the squeaker and then the fun 'squeaking bites' start, which they love (after a moment you may not!). However, at this stage be careful to watch your dog as if the toy is left with the dog at this point, their next mission may be to get the squeaker out! Your toy may then have a hole, if left for some time after this point you will find the stuffing is out and the squeaker perhaps too, it depends on the characteristics of your dog. A Yorkshire Terrier or a Maltipoo will probably not do this, a Labrador may just bring the toy to his owner and a Jack Russel or a Staffy probably will be fixated on getting to that squeaker! This stage could be never, a few years or a few minutes depending on your type of dog. Before you get to this point we advise you to take the toy away and bring it out for a play another day.

Our toys are all strong and well made and tested but remembering that some types of dog can gnaw through a raw bone, a cuddly dog toy is certainly not going to be a problem. As with ALL dog toys, supervision is necessary.