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Spring news

Hi, its us again! We were just barking at some birds, oh yeah and a squirrel, Mia just reminded me that there was a lot of wildlife in the garden. Spring is coming and there are daffodils and crocuses coming up outside.
We know you humans like talking about the weather and it’s been some weather this month, sun, rain, snow, ice, wind, hailstones….you name it and we have had it! This kind of weather gives us a touch of the crazies, running around with the zoomies.
It’s great, we dont know what’s going to happen next. Splashing in the rain, lying in the sun or getting the wind in our fur.
We heard mum saying, its “Everything, everywhere all at once” which we thought was a good way to describe what’s going on at the moment.
Not sure who this Oscar is though, hey Mia, maybe he’s a new dog moving in next door!

Mia & Milo

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