A beautiful, flat, dusky pink/ lilac leather dog collar (non adjustable) with a half chain. When it’s not attached to a lead it is comfortably loose with the chain resting around the throat, when the lead is attached, it tightens as the dog pulls,  giving you greater control than buckle collars over dogs who are stronger.

Padded collar. The outer leather is cut from shoulder hide, making it less stiff and more comfortable than bridle leather and the collar is padded with softer cow hide leather, which is folded around, giving rounded edges to prevent hair being pulled.

Note: The padded collars may not be suitable for small dogs or toy breeds. However, our puppy collars are a great fit on smaller dogs.

  • Hand stitched at the rings for strength and machine stitched down the length for neatness
  • Not suitable for neck sizes less than 13 inches
  • High quality, smart and hardwearing
  • Strong chromed steel fittings