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Bright purple Sumptuous Faux Fur Dog Blanket. 

The luxurious comfort of faux fur with these silky-soft luxury blankets….perfect for that extra warmth bed in those chilly months, or on the sofa or even at the end of your bed when the dogs want to snuggle with you. This range of dog blankets immediately relaxes your dog, making them ideal if you have a young pup or an older dog, however, all dogs love them.

Luxurious and super-soft, these bright purple blankets look and feel almost real with faux fur lengths of up to 3 cm. They are backed with Silky Cream Velboa which is not only warm but also means that these luxury blankets are very practical too as they are fully machine washable.

Faux Fur  Blankets are absolutely gorgeous. An indulgent luxurious blanket that is sure to complement most interiors.

A stylish range of luxury faux fur blankets….go on, you, your dog, and your kids will love them!
Tips: Throw over the arm of your sofa or base of your bed, or your dog bed.