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The warm and comfortable jacket made from a high quality material will protect your pooch from frost, humidity, and penetrating wind.

Designed especially for those dogs who get cold and don’t tolerate low temperatures. Sewn with the utmost care to detail, the chic and elegant outfit from Bowl&Bone Republic from a fashionable quilted material will ensure warmth and a stylish look despite the weather. The SPIRIT jacket is not only warm and stylish, it’s also excellently fitted to a dog’s frame, making sure every pup feels comfortable and unrestricted while wearing it.

It’s soft, perfectly cut, and provides full protection against both frost and wind. Every dog will look very stylish in it and their owner won’t have to worry about his dog’s comfort and well-being on autumn and winter evenings.

The comfortable and warm SPIRIT jacket is closed with snap-fasteners under the belly making dressing and undressing quick and easy.

Available in three sizes: