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A coat with many uses and a wardrobe requirement for holidaying dogs!

A colourful range of warm dog towelling drying coats for use after dog baths (or showers) or simply after a rainy walk to keep them warm.

Can also be used as a cosy kennel coat or cold kitchen pyjamas , or for the older arthritic dog, an extra layer to keep them comfortable.

HOLIDAY TIP! Perfect for taking on holidays and using after after a dip in the sea or lakes.

Cooling effect too!

Alternatively the towelling dog coat can be used in summer to keep the dogs cool by soaking them in water first.

Each coat is made from a double layer of towelling with a 2oz filling in between and then bound with a polyester binding.   They are front fastened with Velcro and with underbelly cross straps to keep them in place.

Our dog even uses her as a cooling mat!