Every dog loves gathering toys – they’re all equally important for him. The COTTON toy baskets will help you maintain order, so that every single one of your dog’s treasures will have its spot and you will no longer bump into his toys. Your pup will be able to keep all of his favourite balls, chew and plush toys in one accessible place, without wasting time looking for them all over the house. The spacious basket will fit an entire collection of toys and enable functional utilisation of space. Storing your dog’s objects will be pleasant and uncomplicated, and your pup will be able to reach them on a regular basis. Every single toy basket from Bowl&Bone Republic is handmade from a very thick, soft cotton rope. It’s adjustable and flexible making it easy to adapt to the amount of stored toys and does not take up too much space.

The COTTON toy basket in many fashionable colours is not just a practical gadget, but also a designer addition that will give edge to any interior. It is also an excellent solution for those who wish to artfully organise their home space.

The basket can be handwashed or machine-washed at 30°C.

Size: diameter: 30 cm , length: 30 cm

*Toys not included