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Sumptuous range by The Stylish Dog Company.

Silky, soft, luxurious;  the ultimate faux fur donut dog bed!

Premium faux furs made into an extremely sumptuous and comfortable donut dog bed.

We have made these donut beds with the softest and most luxurious faux fur imitating the softest Chinchilla fur.  The dense fibres produce a very thick and luxurious pile. A must-have if you’re after a super-soft faux fur donut dog bed that your dog will never want to leave!

Both the sides and the inside of the bed are made with super-soft fur, the beds will mould around your dog’s sleeping shape, offering support, warmth and comfort. The pile is approx. 2.5cm in length (approx. 1 inch).

The sides and the base of the bed are well stuffed supporting your dog’s head should they choose.

The bed base is made from faux suede in a darker colour match.

Absolutely ideal for puppies as well as dogs who lie against you, offering them comfort, softness and reassurance.

Optional matching faux fur blanket for extreme cosiness or to throw across the sofa as a compliment to your home. See the sizing guide below. Examples of the furs can also be found in our faux fur section.


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