How to choose a dog harness

When buying a dog harness it's important to choose a harness that does not restrict your dog's movements. Every dog is a different shape, but the main thing is to have a harness that will fit without awkward straps restricting his natural walk.

Harnesses come in different designs and styles and that includes how you put them on your dog. Some harnesses go over the head, others simply allow your dog to 'step in' and clip at the shoulders to fasten. If your dog is awkward with anything going over its head, try the step-in variety or a harness that clips around the head and body.

Made-to-measure dog harnesses

If you are not sure we have a made-to-measure dog harness, these harnesses are bespoke and will be made according to your exact measurements by a skilled workshop in the UK. Perfectly sized with your breed of dog in mind, whether they are a pedigree or a mix, adult or a puppy.

Dog harnesses and leads

Whilst dog collars are best for all-day wear and to attach a name tag, dog harnesses are certainly the favourite dog accessory to use for all dogs, when going out for walks. Harnesses keep dogs safe, and comfortable when walking.

Designer Dog Harnesses

Wearing a dog harness for the first time, try our made to measure harnesses designed especially for your dog.
Make sure the harness fits him, you should be able to comfortably place a finger between the harness and your dog's body. This means it's tight enough for them to be comfortable yet secure enough to stop them from slipping out of it.