Our collection of donut dog beds

Sumptuous Donut Dog Bed

"My dog is a super fussy pup and only loves donut beds that tick all her boxes. This bed has definitely ticked her many boxes and even in the hot weather she’s a fan! Can’t wait til it gets chilly and she really starts to reap its benefits. Best dog donut bed on the market and I know as I’ve wasted money on some that my pooch won’t even sit in 🙄"

Donut dog beds

A range of calming dog beds in a round donut shape, ideal for those dogs who like an extra bit of security. These beds effectively give your dog a sumptuous cuddle while they are sleeping. We have found this type of dog bed very popular with medium to smaller dog breeds, especially Daschunds and other dogs that can feel the cold.
The donut beds are made from tweed, velvet, luxury faux fur or velboa fabrics and we have a range of larger waterproof donut dog beds.  Please remember to measure your dog when he curls up to get a better idea of what bed size is best for them.
Made in the UK.
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