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Expecting the arrival of a new puppy soon?

Puppy has arrived, what now?

Below are some ideas for your new puppy. Don’t forget to use the coupon codes above. 

Puppy Collars

A range of small puppy collars for the first time option in tweed or leather, and a range of soft padded leather collars for the larger pups. 

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Puppy Harnesses

If your dog has had their injections and they are ready to walk, they need a harness. With new puppies who are untrained, a dog collar is for their name tag, a harness is for walking comfortably. 

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Puppy Beds

Puppies can be insecure, so a faux fur calming bed is one that we recommend. Options for donut dog beds that we think are  ideal for puppies are shown below. If your puppy is in a puppy crate, a small mattress and a calming faux fur blanket is a good option.

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Soft Faux Fur Blankets

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From £53.00
From £53.00
From £53.00
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Puppy carriers

Playtime - Toys puppies will love

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Living with your puppy

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