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Snow Wolf Faux Fur Bed Blankets

If you want to instantly add some glamourous comfort to your bedroom, try these silky super-soft faux fur luxury blankets.

As the name suggests it’s the softest faux fur we’ve ever come across, imitating the softest Chinchilla fur, the dense fibres produce a very thick and luxurious pile. A must-have, if you want a super soft faux fur.

Backed with matching Beige Cuddle soft Velboa which is a fabulous silky, plush, tactile fabric perfect to snuggle under.

The pile is approx. 2.5cm in length (approx. 1 inch).

Snow Wolf Faux Fur Bed Throws are absolutely gorgeous.

The Silky Beige Velboa is not only warm but also means that these luxury bed runner blankets are very practical too.

An indulgent luxurious blanket that is sure to complement most bedrooms.


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Size: 2.3 metres x 0.5 metres
Size: 2.5 metres x 1 metres
Size: 2 metres x 1.5 metres