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These luxury Martingale dog collars offer a distinguished look as well as securing your dog. 

This durable double layer two-tone martingale dog collar is handmade in our studio with extra strong British woven webbing and solid brass hardware, which beautifully finishes off this stylishly bold dog collar.

With its two looped mechanisms, the martingale dog collar cinches in when being pulled & relaxes again when your dog is at ease. If your dog is a wriggler, a puller, has extra thick fur or just simply loves to back out of its standard clip collar then a martingale is a great option for keeping your dog secure & safe. Take off at the end of each walk.

Can be used as a training aid to teach your dog to walk loosely on the lead, whilst giving treats when they are loose and not pulling.

The Martingale collar is most commonly used by greyhound, lurcher & whippet owners due to these breeds having long slender heads & wider necks but we’ve found it becomes a frequent staple for a variety of breed owners due to its versatile use. If your dog pulls all the time we recommend a harness especially connected at the front.

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