Dog friendly holiday cottages

Dog friendly cottages UK

Canine Cottages know Dog Friendly.

Canine Cottages know that when you go on holiday you don’t want anyone to be left at home! Dogs are our best friends, loyal to a fault, so why should they have to miss out on all the paw-some fun? Their  properties have been paw-picked for their dog friendly features; some will have enclosed gardens, some will have treats on arrival, and some even have dog pampering facilities. They have something for every pooch: small, large, multiple, all breeds, even pets of the feline kind.

Their team of Property Managers know what a dog needs, just as much as their human companions. So you can trust it when they say it’s dog friendly. As they’ve been to every single one of the properties, you can ask them anything and if they don’t know the answer they will find out. Whether it’s a question about the garden space, about a walk nearby, or whether that pub nearby welcomes dogs too, ask them and they’ll let you know!

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