Hi, Im Mia and I’m Milo, we have been asked to give our valuable time up, sleeping, eating, walking and looking adorable to give you our expert poochy advice on all things dog!

Milo and Mia


Straight from the horses…..we mean Dogs mouth! So, in a crunchy nutshell, be careful of those things by the way, nuts that is, as they sure do challenge the teeth and our human tells us off if we find them on the floor and try and eat them as they are not good for us! Well,  not all nuts are bad but the salty ones especially are not good, you know the ones that roll under the sofa or get left in a bowl on the coffee table at Christmas when your humans are being merry and bright. Maybe you guys just need to hoover more or eat less, whatever.

Anyways….nuts are not for us dogs okay! Hey we have gone right off track here, we are dogs after all and prone to distraction. Speaking of Christmas, thats over now of course and the new year has started. New year, new you right. It’s the same for us you know. We are both working on our health in January and keeping warm. Where we live and where you are, most likely, is so cold at the moment, snow, ice, frost, freezing rain, it’s pretty hard to find the motivation to leave the house. When we poke our little noses round the door and feel that wind whip across our furry faces, its tough to put our feet outside and start our journey to do

Dog coats

 our business, it’s alright for you lot.

Its tough for some of our fellow dog friends as not all of us have fur that can repel this sort of weather and we can get cold pretty quick. Thankfully our human got us a coat or 2. Plus there is the issue of your human leaving in the dark for work and coming home in the dark too which means walking in the dark, we are not scared of the dark….okay!

These days there are coats that can help with all that Wintery gloom and rain. In fact here’s me Milo again sporting a racy Khaki green number with a little reflective belt so my human and other humans can see my fabulous form sprinting majestically into the darkness of which, as I said before, I am not scared of….hmmmm.

You name it, we have it,Padded, Quilted, Thermal, reflective, fleece, tweed, and waterproof dog coats, there really is a coat for all seasons to fit all sizes and in this weather we would be most grateful for any extra warmth we can get. Working human or not, its dark out there when you need to visit the little dogs room!
So thats a Mia and Milo top tip for winter survival.

Range of dog coats


Okay that about wraps it up for this month. We are getting distracted, once again, by our stomachs and a bird in the garden, might have to bark at that in a minute, oh and food, did we mention food…ok, ok stay safe human and remember we are very important….always.

Have a woofing good day

Mia and Milo (very important pooches)

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