Giving Hope at Christmas to Stray Dogs

The Stylish Dog Company recently learnt about an organisation called “Saving and Rehoming Strays

Saving and Rehoming Strays is run by a small team – primarily volunteers, giving their time for admin, fundraising and looking after the dogs in their care, plus experienced rescuers in Romania and the UK.

They have a small rehoming centre in Scotland where their dogs go for assessment, rehabilitation and ultimately rehoming in an environment not like traditional rehoming centres. Where appropriate, the dogs live in groups and experience time with volunteers to allow them the opportunity to socialise and get them ready to go to a new home. Alternatively, the dogs go to foster homes until they find a forever family.

We loved the sound of this place. It’s very humbling to read about organisations like “Saving and Rehoming Strays”. The time and devotion this volunteer-driven group of people dedicated to dogs that have been treated appallingly is almost beyond comprehension. The path to adoption or fostering individual dogs is indeed costly. Out of thousands of dogs, only a few will be plucked to safety by rescue groups like SRS.  Once they have found a foster home for a dog or someone to adopt a dog, the wheels are set in motion to raise funds to transport it to the UK. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, checked by a vet and given a passport to travel. Fosterers are given full support from SRS until a permanent home is found. They are always looking for new fosterers to join the dog rescue work and get these dogs out of the shelters, off the streets and ready to be adopted.

We are hoping that “The Dogs Delight” tasty treats we sent for their “paw-shaped stockings” will help bring an extra wag to their tails.

As a small rescue, they have very little funding so they are reliant on outside support and donations to allow them to operate and to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and get these beautiful, desperate dogs on “The Happy Bus” to their forever homes in the UK

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