Dogs at work – Paw or against?

Dogs at work

There has been some research in the past about dogs at work. Surprisingly the general consensus is quite positive.

When you look at the pros for bringing ‘man’s best friend’ to work, it’s a wonder that more companies are not making it part of the office policy.

Having a dog friendly office actually increases productivity, employees are more likely to get up and take short, organic breaks, which improves brain function, as well as the creative benefit of having a pet at work.

They create a more positive friendly atmosphere, smashing stress and therefore decreasing time off caused by employee sickness.

There are a lot of things to consider though. How will all the staff react to having a canine open door policy. This article has some good rules to set in place before any company fully embraces the idea of welcoming our four legged friends into the workplace.

On the other side of the debate though is the big question. Is your dog ‘office friendly’?
Some good advice is to make sure your dog feels safe in their new environment by bringing in their favourite bed or pillow.

You need to keep your eye on them all the time and depending on your dogs personality, its a good idea to tell your co-workers to go ahead and pet them or perhaps let sleeping dogs lie!

Aside from the obvious question “is your dog housebroken?”, there is the issue of up to date vaccinations and general good health, as your pooch may not be the only dog in the office.

A final thought, you may be busy and occupied with your work but what about your four legged friend? It is essential that he remains stimulated when not asleep or simply resting.
Some companies that have embraced the ‘dogs at work’ ethic have found solutions to doggie boredom!


“We will occasionally stop everything to have a doggie play break, particularly if we have a lot of dogs in the office.” — Jon Bastian,

“It’s good to bring toys in to amuse your dog and prevent boredom while you work.” — Samantha Gewertz, Dogswell

“Our office dogs enjoy trips to the dog-friendly water fountains in the outside plazas and lunchtime walks to nearby off-leash dog parks.” — Michele Glisson, Amazon


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