Having just returned from a week’s long holiday in Carcassonne, I felt compelled to put paw to paper and write a post for all the dogs who were thinking of a visit to Carcassonne, France. I can confirm, Carcassonne is dog friendly!

I travelled light, taking just my favourite faux fur Snuggle bag and a week’s supply of food.  

We stayed at the Mercure Hotel just outside the ‘Cité Médiévale’.

We were given one of the best rooms at the hotel, ground level with patio doors leading to the swimming pool on the left, and on the right, an area of garden where I could easily do my urgent business (the humans were armed with doggie bags to clean up afterward, they are well trained). I was very pleased.

Breakfast and dinner at the hotel was nice, whether you decided to eat in the restaurant (comfy under the table) or outside on the patio. For the pool, due to our room being next to the swimming pool, I mostly enjoyed the peace and quiet in my room while the humans took a dip, but I saw other dog’s tied by the pool watching their family doing their thing. It was all very refreshing to see.

The medieval city was just 5 minutes walk away and all of us dogs were welcomed. A clean-up bag dispenser was located every 100m, for tourists to use. I was welcomed at every restaurant we went to, with a refreshing bowl of water at the same time as the human’s drinks.

Overall it was a stress-free stay, and enjoyable for me as there were so many dogs to meet and greet whilst browsing stores and passing time in the historic surroundings. The only set back was that dogs are not allowed in the chateau, this was Ok as one of my family  simply waited outside with me, in the shade, whilst we shared an ice cream. Yummy! The other exception was The Haunted House attraction, but that would have set me off for a full week had I gone inside there anyway. Quite a relief. 

By Mia. 


A 5/5 mark for Carcassonne as a location to take dogs on holiday with you.

For more information on Carcasssonne visit the Tourist Information Site

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