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A Teeny dog collar is handmade with 10mm wide, strong British velvet ribbon. This teeny collar is beautifully finished with strong petite solid brass hardware.

These handmade velvet puppy collars’ feel very soft against your dog’s neck as it has been carefully lined both inside and out with sumptuous velvet for extra comfort.

This classic velvet dog collar is available in a wide variety of bold colours, ranging from vibrant bright’s to your everyday classics. There’s a colour to suit the biggest of personalities, regardless of their size!

The teeny dog collars are available as either a clip fastening collar or a slip over the head collar. The clips are made from ultra-strong, durable anti-snap plastic and are colour matched to your collar. All teeny collars are 10mm wide and are available in two sizes, 7 – 10″ & 9 – 12″.

Optional super skinny (10mm) velvet dog lead is handmade with extra strong British woven webbing, velvet and teeny solid brass hardware. Beautifully finishing off this plush dog collar set.


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