No sooner has the October half term ended, the pumpkins and fireworks have become mere memories

Autumn is in full glory and Winter is an icy breath away. These shorter days can have an impact on our outdoor time. It is so important for you and your doggie pals to get out whatever the weather.

Having recently been on the South Coast and the Midlands for our half term break, we were blessed with great weather. Out and about every day with friends and family and the great company of Sparky, Bailey and Coco, their hairy and much loved canine companions.

Dogs give us a reason to get up, put our coats on and brave the elements. Rain or shine they have needs that we as responsible dog owners have to fulfil. Owning or looking after a dog gives you a reason to get out, the exercise is beneficial and there’s always the opportunity of meeting other four legged friends and the chance for your dog to play and run around.

In recent news, surveys and studies are extolling the virtues of dog ownership as positive to your health…

Great news!

The love we have for our dogs is doing us good. While we wrap up warm as mere mortals in this weather, don’t forget that some breeds of dog are not native to our slightly less than exotic climate. Age and breed can have an effect on your pooches’ “walkies” experience.

Some dogs will bound happily into an onslaught of rough weather without so much as a twitch of their tail but there are many elements that can put other dogs off going out for a walk. Rain, cold and wind, especially the biting cold wind that can have them shivering within minutes and have you worrying if the walk was such a good idea in the first place. Its a much more relaxing experience if you know you have made your four legged friend as comfortable as possible.

Dogs in winter snow

Getting dry quickly after a wet or snowy walk can also be problematic, there are solutions in place to keep your dog warm and get them dry as quickly as possible to prevent body heat loss. If you have a dirty Bertie that seeks out mud and other unmentionables then sometimes the best way to warm up is with a bath.

So, keep on moving people…..its good for us all

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