BETA (Beirut for the Ethical treatment of Animals) is a Lebanese registered non-governmental organisation which was established to improve the lives of animals in Lebanon.

We felt compelled to write an article on being made aware of this charity after one of the board members approached us to buy cushions. We wanted to get together, with our customers to try to raise awareness of this worthy charity.

BETA was established to improve the lives of animals in the region. They provide rehabilitation and a safe haven while striving to find the loving, permanent homes these animals deserve. Through education and direct action, they work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, and encourage a society that treats animals with compassion.

Many of the dogs are taken out of Lebanon and brought back to their new owner’s home countries, helped with the support from the charity.

The featured gallery shows the lives now of ten of the dogs that were rescued from BETA by one of the board members. All the dogs have their own unique stories.

Happier Lives - 10 dogs lives that have changed forever

Happier lives – Winston, Luke and Nora

Winston, English Bulldog, two year old, lost an eye, abandoned on the streets of Beirut, came to live with us a year ago, Luke, Boxer, adopted from BETA’s shelter where he was brought aged 6 months, starving and with a major stomach disorder, came to live with us in 2016, and Nora, Alsatian cross, found living rough outside the kitchens of our local sports club early last year.

Happier lives – Frank

“Frank, 10 years old, boxer cross, our senior resident, formerly used as the bait in dog fighting, found by BETA having been discarded on the street in very bad shape and covered in wounds, has a crippled leg, came to live with us about 6 years ago.”

Happier lives – Percy

Percy, lurcher, 4 years old, found as a tiny puppy abandoned in the forest near some friends‘ house where we had gone to dinner”

Happier lives – Lewis

Lewis, Malinois, 3 years old, turned up outside our gate very hungry last year.”

Happier lives – Argo

Argo, Giant Pointer, 7 years old, one of a litter of pups dumped outside the shelter, hand reared and spent four years in the shelter before we adopted him in 2016″

Happier lives – Nina

“Nina, Sharpei, 7 years old. Adopted from the shelter and lived with a family for 2 years before being returned to the shelter because the family were moving to Canada. Came to live with us about 5 years ago.”

Happier lives – Julia

“Julia, 7 years old, pointer cross, was adopted from the shelter then returned because her owner married a lady who didn’t like dogs. Ran away from the shelter and we found her in the car park of our local sports club about 5 years ago:”

Happier lives – Kenny

“Kenny, 6 year old golden retriever. Brought to Lebanon by someone who wanted a dog in his office but ended up living alone in a warehouse. We offered him a home about 4 years ago”

Thinking of adopting?

BETA has many loving, beautiful cats and dogs that are waiting for you. Our facilities count around 500 dogs and 150 cats, between our dog and cat  shelters. Most of these pets have had a bad past, and they are waiting for a second chance at life. All our animals are followed by vets: they are vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed/neutered.

Whether you want an energetic puppy who loves to run around and play, a senior dog who wants to snuggle and sleep by your side, or a cute cat who can keep you company, we can help you choose the pet that suits your lifestyle best.

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Photos: Paul Gorra

Our mission is to strive towards ensuring that one day all animals in Lebanon will get the chance to live safely and securely. It’s our goal to educate individuals and take direct action to help animals in Lebanon live the life they deserve, for we all belong to this planet and it is home to all of us.

BETA is one of the most active animal shelters in Lebanon and also the first to initiate and start rescuing dogs, cats and other species of wildlife in its founding country. Rescues often take place in life threatening situations for the animals and are most often at times dangerous or difficult to accomplish, yet BETA strives to make every mechanism of their rescues a success.

They exist solely on the kindness of your donations, adoptions and assistance.

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