Got dog, got shampoo … in the bath we go!

Bathing your dog

Say “Walkies” to your dog and the words are usually greeted with their frantic scrabbling, yelping, barking, jumping or perhaps  a well behaved and practised sit by the door with lead in mouth…however you say ‘we are going for a walk’, your dog has his or her way of waiting for the delights of stretching their legs in the great outdoors.

Dog waiting for walking. Luxury dog leads

Say the word “Bath time” and it might be an entirely different response

Do hiding not wanting a bath

Bathing your dog

So, our little furry treasures have rolled in something unspeakable. Not only does it smell awful but it has turned your dogs fur into several shades of brown and not in the original shade your dog may have come in. The time has come to battle them into the bath!

The bathing experience for a dog is either a regular feature of doggy life or maybe its only ever a necessary evil after a particularly messy walk.

The general advice for dog bathing is, baths should be executed on a monthly basis.  The frequency of bathing can depend on the type of fur your dog has. Rather like our own human hair, the amount of baths and washing of fur can be beneficial or not.   Dogs with oily fur need bathing more often than dogs with short, water repellent or thick coats.

Bathing your dog

One of the tricks to bath time is to make bathing your dog a positive experience.

Make sure you stay calm. Keep the water lukewarm and choose a shampoo that is gentle and kind to your dogs skin and fur.

The Stylish Dog Company’s Natural range of dog shampoo and conditioner

The luxurious and natural Peppermint and Rosemary Dog Shampoo won’t strip the coat of it’s natural oils. It contains antibacterial rosemary and peppermint for a lovely fresh smell. Together with aloe vera, dead sea salts, vitamin E and plant oils to nourish the skin and leave the coat clean and soft.

The luxurious Coconut and Peppermint Dog Conditioner  contains nourishing organic coconut oil for a soft glossy coat and peppermint essential oil for a lovely fresh smell. It also contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E for extra nourishment.

Coconut and peppermint natural dog shampoo and coconut and peppermint dog conditioner set from The Stylish Dog Company

Make sure to rinse off any remaining soap and conditioner well and you are ready to wrap them up and lift them to safety.

Happy bath time!

Wrapped up dog