The excitement and nerves involved in having a new dog in the house can run high. Even more so with a new puppy. The responsibility that you might feel at first is huge. These little furry bundles are totally dependent on you and will quickly look to you for food, love, warmth and security. Your new puppy will be part of the family and will bring hours of joy and fun to any household.

So where do we start? What do I need for a new puppy?

How can we make this tiny little life as happy and safe as we can? There are a few things that will immediately make them feel snug and secure. A well-chosen bed is a good place to start. If you consider your new puppy may have been part of a bigger family of pups and is used to the warmth of its siblings then a soft, warm bed with raised sides will help them to get to sleep and stay protected in bed. Dogs sleep a lot…let’s face it puppies sleep even more. This puppy bed offers all this and more and is a great choice for a first bed.

We also have beds that can grow with your pup, having a puppy specific bed is not always necessary and depending on your puppy’s size, amount of puppies you are welcoming and your budget then the bed you choose can suit your needs and your pocket!

View our range of puppy beds and puppy packages

We have also found that adding a Faux Fur throw on to the dog bed can add extra warmth and give your pup a soothing softness boost.

They will love to nuzzle into the beautiful velvety soft fur. These throws come in different sizes and if the pup is allowed on the bed or sofa so that he can feel like part of the family when you are having some downtime, then it’s a great way of giving him or her a soft place to sit next to you, with its familiar scent and also its soft furnishings protective qualities, it’s a great comfort for the pup and you. Sometimes it’s a question of style too and we are all over that!

See our full faux fur throw range.

Right…bed the collar.

This is where you may go a little crazy, not only because of what type of collar should you choose but the choices of colours are so tempting. It is, however, all about puppy size and about their comfort (the colour bit is the fun part). We have an amazing saddlery that hand makes all our leather collars to order. The leather is so soft on the puppy collars and will feel light and non-irritating on the pup’s neck. There are some larger puppies of more robust breeds that may benefit from our range of padded puppy collars as they are designed for the more sturdy puppy or smaller dog.

In addition to the leather puppy collars, we have a wonderful selection of authentic Harris Tweed, again, these gorgeous collars are made to measure, by hand and offer a stylish solution to that all-important first outing. All the collars have the option for a matching lead so you can step out in style from day one.


Playing is something that your new puppy is going to be doing in large amounts. There are a huge array of dog-friendly toys out there. We selected our favourites because we know that sometimes only Froggy or Ducky or Squeaky Bone will do, the toy choices are endless and like your favourite doll or bear when you were young, whatever it was that would bring you comfort when you needed it, once they find their toy than its a love like no other. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself purchasing more than one Olga Owl or Shelby Sheep. See our range of toys

Visit our pup page for more ideas on how to welcome a puppy into your home. From Collars to Beds. Bath time to feeding time. There are stylish solutions for a puppy’s new start.  

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