Valentines Dog…I mean Day! I ♥ my Dog

Valentines day Dog - Show them the love

Every year it comes around….Maybe you are ready with the Roses and Chocolates for your significant other?  The candlelit dinner for two booked at your favourite restaurant, the romantic Paris getaway, the diamond ring hidden in the silky underwear… I getting too carried away?

Maybe you just want to stay in bed and wait for all the crazy hype to go away? Or maybe, just maybe you are part of the over 70 % of the population that would prefer to spend their day with their pet!

Nothing wrong with that at all, in fact over 95% of us say they can count on their pet to be there to welcome them rather than their human partner…now that’s saying something! Furthermore, about a third of us will be staying in with our fur babies on Valentines evening instead of going out to dinner.

You are in good company and can breathe a sigh of relief.. see the “celebrating valentines day with your dog survery”

365 days of unconditional love, that’s what they give us, Your pet just might help you live to an old age. There have been numerous studies on the topic, but so far, no real clear answer on why having pets benefits us with decreased stress, blood pressure and cholesterol.

They are the perfect date! They don’t care what we look like. We are pretty sure we are not going to argue with them.They follow us around in cute but not annoying way and they LOVE a cuddle!!!

With all this furry love on offer don’t forget to show them the LOVE.

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