If you have noticed a change in the behaviour of your beloved pooch lately with regard to the temperature dropping outside then it may be time to invest in some dog outdoor clothing for him before Winter really takes hold.

Does my dog need a dog coat?

Not every dog needs the extra protection and warmth that a jumper or coat can provide. There are a number of factors to take into consideration including things like their age, type of fur, breed, activity levels, and where you live.

This necessity to add a layer of warmth to your pet may seem frivolous as it is evident wild dogs have been coping just fine without this need for extra comfort, but we do need to be reminded that the many breeds of dog available to us now are not all used to, or adapted to the climate in which they find themselves living. We are not talking about your Siberian Husky or German Shepherd Dog!

Bichon / Maltese in a coat running in snow
Dog coats and jumpers are excellent for fine haired or slightly built dogs. Even the shorter, stockier dogs with some natural layering can feel the benefit of a dog jumper on a cold day. Not to mention older dogs who may feel the cold and wet more than a younger and more active dog.
 Dog in rain coat

With all this in mind, here are some of the coats and jumpers to choose from.

Waterproof dog coats

Waterproof dog coats or waxed dog coats are not only for the rain, they are also useful in muddy conditions. A waterproof coat with a warm fleece or wool liner are perfect for winter.  In Autumn and Spring, a waterproof coat is perfect if there is no fleece liner, or you have a liner that is removable.

Quilted dog coats

Padded  or quilted dog coats are great at keeping the cold wind at bay and generally keeping your dog warm during drier Winter walks. They also look very stylish and come in a full winter coat shape or a simple jacket.

Wool and tweed dog coats

Tweed wool dog coats are simply stylish and warm. They look ‘the business’ but beware they do not protect against humidity and rain. A perfect ‘out and about’ winter coat.

Dog jumpers

Dog jumpers, as well being cute, are hugely beneficial for young pups, delicate breeds and older dogs alike. Wool jumpers are warm and comfortable for your dog. Depending on the breed and size of your dog, jumpers can be worn in cooler room temperatures and outdoors in cooler months.
Make sure you put the dog coat on your furry friend at the last minute and take it off as soon as you get back indoors to ensure the maximum comfort it will surely provide.
Dog lying on sofa warm and cosy

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