Sage green and white spot dog cushion

Need some help finding the luxury dog bed suited to your particular furry friend?

How does your dog like to sleep most of the time?
Maybe they like to curl up against you or maybe a cushion? Do they mostly sprawl and stretch out? 

Snuggler (Most dogs under 10kg) A donut bed or a bolster dog bed will offer the dog who likes to snuggle next to you, more security.  A faux fur donut bed is ideal for puppies as well as some of the wool bolster beds.
A sprawler A deep-filled dog cushion is a good bed for a sprawler.   Firmly stuffed for extra comfort and support and large enough for a dog to have a good stretch whatever side they are on.
A mix of both? If they equally stretch and snuggle, maybe a dog cushion topped with a faux fur throw or a blanket?
Dogs who like to hide A snuggle bag or a burrow bed could be the solution.
Second bed Maybe you need a main bed and then a place to lie in the kitchen or your office? Consider a dog mat. This is also an excellent bed type for travelling with your dog. 

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