A slip lead can be a very useful and quick solution if you are simply moving your dog from one place to the other, for example from the car to the park for a run off lead, or as a training aid, to train a dog to walk with you well.

How to use a slip lead to stop pulling

A slip lead can also be useful for ‘stop pulling’ training and training in general, as you have more control over your dog. However, please use a slip lead correctly, it should not be worn around the dog’s throat, which would be very uncomfortable for the dog if he pulls on it (as with anything around his throat), it should be worn high on the neck, if the dog pulls (pulling the lead down to his throat, stop walking, move the slip lead back up just behind the ears and start walking again.

A very useful item to train your dog to walk to heel. (cont…)

A slip lead should not be used to replace the dog collar or harness as an everyday accessory especially if your dog is prone to pulling.


We have been looking around the internet at some good examples of how to use a slip lead correctly.

How to wear a slip lead.
How to train a dog to walk to heel with a slip lead
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Slip lead alternatives

If you have a dog who pulls a lot we recommend the use of a harness for walking every day and a slip lead just for training sessions. Harnesses come in all designs and one with a front lead attachment can also help train a dog who likes to pull. Front attachment harnesses can be used for training, with two leads, one also attached to the back of the harness giving you full control.

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