Time needed: 7 minutes

Getting rid of mucky pups

  1. Bathing your puppy

    If you have a new puppy it’s a good idea to start bathing them once they feel well at home. Arm yourself with their favourite treats and make the experience a calm and fun moment with plenty of rewards.  Wash them every couple of weeks or so depending on the type of dog and how messy they get. Do not bathe them more than once a week. 

  2. Prepare your space

    To avoid a panic, as your dog could try to jump out or shake all over you, it’s best to get well prepared. Get a container that you can pre-mix some dog shampoo and warm water in before you get the dog in the bath. The same if you are using a coat conditioner after.  This avoids the one-handed ‘trying to get the top off’ hassles half through.  Have a dog towel ready for lifting him from your bath and one for the floor.

  3. Shampoo

    Use a mild shampoo with natural ingredients. Mix with water before use so application is even. Remember to rinse the shampoo out well, if not thoroughly rinsed it can irritate your dog’s skin. 

  4. Drying

    Dry gently and thoroughly with a towel and then after, with a hairdryer held at a distance and on a warm setting while constantly moving it so it’s not applied for any amount of time on one area on the dog. Once damp you can place your dog in a drying coat (dog dressing gown) so he stays warm and snug, this may also prevent him from doing the ‘zoomies’ around your house. 

  5. Our favourite videos

    We have selected a few videos which we feel explain bathing puppies and dogs very well. 

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