What are the best beds for puppies?

Puppies and small dogs under 10kg can feel vulnerable due to their small size. A perfect bed for these smaller canines will be one with sides or a cover to make them feel very secure and less anxious so they are at peace and can relax. 

These lighter dogs may also want a soft cushioned bed so they can literally sink in.  

Our new range of faux fur donut beds are absolutely ideal for puppies and smaller dogs. They come in two types, either full faux fur donut (sumptuous range) or fur at the base of the bed, and super soft Velboa on the sides (Comfort range). 

These beds could also be teamed with a matching small faux fur throw, which can be placed half over the donut bed, giving them a hideaway option. 

Another benefit of these beds are the flexibility, if your dog snuggles inside and then decides to roll over, the soft bed will match his shape, still giving the pup security as he moves. 

Small dogs and puppies will be drawn to these soft donut dog beds. Available in a range of colours.

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