How to choose the perfect dog bed

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It’s easy to see that it’s a little confusing when buying your dog his dream bed, with so many shapes, sizes and fabrics available to choose from. Exactly what dog bed would your pooch prefer? Here is a quick guide that is well worth a read before venturing out, in order to choose the perfect dog bed for your dog.

How does your dog prefer to sleep?

If your dog sleeps in a ball, or mostly curls up with his paws against his body, then he would probably prefer a bolster bed or a donut dog bed.

These beds ‘cuddle’ your dog as they sleep and therefore offer them security as well as cushioned support for their body.

It’s worth mentioning that dogs all sleep in various positions however, and love to stretch out as long as can be, at night when really comfortable and warm. 

Just the one bed?

We have found that smaller dogs do need a bit of security on occasion, this is where they want to cuddle up in the day, maybe in the lounge or kitchen. Often if they are waiting for you to return home.  A donut bed or bolster bed is ideal. 

At night (if allowed) they tend to prefer a sofa or the (your) bed with a faux fur throw or wool blanket where they can turn and stretch. If a bed is not available a pillow or boxed dog cushion fits here. 

Donut dog beds

Donut dog beds are formed as they indeed sound, like a donut. With round, plump cushioned walls and a circular cushioned centre these comfy beds allow your dog to curl up completely in the middle and when desired, rest their chin on the side.

These beds are usually easily washed as a whole in your machine.

Bolster and snuggle dog beds

Bolster dogs beds are exactly the same as donut dog beds in that they cuddle your dog while they sleep, but are more rectangle in design, with a lower area at the front. Perfect for the dog who likes more space to stick a paw out or rest his head on the side.

Similar beds in our store are called slumber beds, these beds have cushioned walls slightly higher than bolster or snuggle dog beds giving extra security and warmth for a nervous dog, but not so easy for a chin rest.

These beds often have a centre cushion that is easily removed and can be washed separately or washed as a whole for a more thorough wash.

Pillow dog cushions

These beds are in the shape of a pillow and whilst giving your dog cushioned support also allow them to stretch out and sprawl. These beds are ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes and are easy to clean often with a separate cover.

Boxed cushion beds

These beds are exactly the same as the dog pillow beds yet have boxed sides, giving a more defined space for your dog. Ideal as a night bed with a fur blanket maybe, for smaller and medium sized dogs and perfect as the main bed for larger dogs (especially older dogs) that need support and space (Labradors, German Shepherds etc).

As with pillow beds, these beds have a separate cover that can be easily taken off and washed. Separate covers can often also be bought.

Wooden dog beds / Raised dog beds

We are allowed to be a little selfish, no? These hand carved wooden dog beds are about both you and your dog. The beautiful beds are simply a luxurious den for your dog, defining his permanent sleeping area in the home, as well as well as being a great looking piece of furniture for you to enjoy too.

The cushion is often a deep filled pillow or mattress which gives your dog warmth and support.

The slightly raised wooden dog bed is a very good choice for the older dog who has trouble with their back leg joints, when getting off the bed it will be easier for them to step down rather than struggle to raise themselves.


Another consideration when buying a dog bed is the type of fabric the bedding is made from.

If you live in a cooler house or the dog sleeps in a place that can get cooler at night, consider a warm fabric like wool or fleece. If you are buying for summer, consider a fresh cotton or linen.  Some bed cushions have a choice of fabrics on each side, one side wool for example and the other side cotton. These can be used for all seasons.

Remember (and it is our preferred option) you can also convert a cooler cotton or linen dog bed into a snug bed by simply adding a dog blanket. We have a superb range of faux fur blankets  and wool blankets that fit the bill perfectly.

Whichever bed style you decide on, it’s worth investing in a good quality bed that gives your dog plenty of comfort and support, your dog will thank you (especially the more mature dog) if you do indeed choose the perfect dog bed for their needs.

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